Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cooking with Twitter

9 hours of flying from Narita to LAX gives you plenty of time to think, especially if you are flying economy on an airline that has tiny TV screens and lots of old movies. So on the way back from Japan last week, I started to think about Twitter and its use by foodies. For those who don't know Twitter, it is a simple instant messaging system that works with every type of input device. It allows for one on one and one to many realtime communication. It is very cool technology and there have been many applications built upon it. Being a techie foodie, I wanted to see if Twitter could be used  to make life better for foodies. All bloggers use Twitter to tell followers about new blog posts and get comments back from them. I kept asking myself, "There has to be a better use of Twitter. What could it be?".

The conclusion, after 9 hours of thinking and sleeping and thinking, was that the realtime nature of Twitter can be used to create a timeline for a recipe. One of the challenges of following a recipe is to know when to start each step and how long each step takes. There have been so many times when I had to add something to a dish in progress and I realised that I did not have the onions chopped or the tomatoes blanched. And there have been so many times where I have underestimated the time to make a dish. Using the timeline feature of Twitter opens up many opportunities for cooking. I plan to experiment on this blog with using it to generate recipes that can be followed more easily. I will, of course, start with simple recipes, move on to more complex ones and ultimately create the timelines for multi-course meals! Maybe one day, I'll have it perfected so we can all cook the same meal simultaneously in REALTIME. That would be something.

So, my plan is to start with a simple Mauritian desert called Napolitaine. I won't say more about it until the next post but you can watch the progress by following my Twitter account or where I will create the recipe timelines.

Until the next post,

-Martian Foodie

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